Becoming an Elder A 3 day workshop with Gabi Krueger & Donna Lancaster

What is an Elder?
A true elder embodies the qualities of the innocent child through curiosity, tenderness, vulnerability, playfulness and joy. As well as the depth of a rich soul through wisdom, humility, resilience, non judgement and compassionate detachment, which allows them to be fully present in the world.

In transition to become an elder, it is about recognising and cultivating these innate qualities, so that they can fully integrate into our being. An elder is someone who grows both older and wiser, having learned the lessons from their many struggles. Whilst down in the dark waters of their life, they have always picked something up and brought it back with them. These pearls are the gifts they then commit to share with those who might be drowning in the shallows. An elder knows it is her responsibility and duty to share her hard won wisdom with all those ready to listen and learn. 

An elder will Love you completely with their whole heart. Sometimes tenderly and sometimes with a splash of ice cold water thrown into your sleepy face. Needs must. They act like a guiding light. Telling those who follow in their footsteps where to avoid unnecessary suffering. They basically show them where the dog shit lies on the path of life. 

An elder brings with them Hope and Possibility that there is another way, reminding people of something they have simply forgotten for a while. They guide others to find their way, until they too are ready to begin their own training to pass on what they have learned and to share their pearls with the world. 

This workshop enhances cognitive awareness, offers cathartic release and grounding in your true nature of being. It will provide you with an initiation of your inner process, allowing you to embody your innate elder. Regardless of your chronological age, this initiation will prepare you to become a much needed gift to the world.

If this calls to you, we look forward to sharing this experience together.

The Invitation: 
Gabi and Donna are delighted to invite you on this 3 day exploration.

The offerings include: 

  • Understanding what it means to become an elder and the essential role elders play in our society.
  • Wounds as portals – how to grieve and let go of your old stories, in order to rewrite a new narrative for your life. 
  • The Hero’s journey – the calling/departure/initiation/return.
  • Honouring the role of your ancestors and the gifts you received from them.
  • Learning the sacred art of story telling as a route to passing on wisdom.
  • Love with a capital L – how to Love and serve in your community.
  • How to work with rituals for healing and guiding others.
  • Trusting the body and embodying your wisdom.
  •  Surrendering – how to trust the natural cycles of life.
  • Death and dying as part of truly living.
  • Awareness of and honouring the thresholds of life.
  • The human experience through a transpersonal lens.

Where & When
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Future dates to be announced
(Workshop starts at 15.00 on the Friday with a departure of 18.00 on the Sunday)
West Sussex

This 3 day workshop is £950pp with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20.
A non refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your place.

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