Joining Fees


What will my membership include?


Live monthly sessions led by Donna Lancaster, to explore and discuss the key theme and set the rituals and practices to sustain your work. (recorded and available to members for viewing after the main Sunday Sessions)

Live mid monthly community gatherings to check in with each other, share our experiences, joys and challenges and any internal/external shifts. (not recorded)

Self guided online support community with the option to connect in small groups/pairs to help hold each other lovingly accountable.

Monthly ‘spiritual’ book read with option to join a self led bookclub to discuss and deepen your understanding of the books topics. 

Monthly commitments set by yourself to offer service and anonymous acts of kindness within your community and beyond.

A private Instagram/Facebook page with regular quotes/words of inspiration and space to share the journey.

Weekly questions for contemplation and reflection to journal on, supporting you to go deeper into Life.

Daily prayer practices to support you to develop or strengthen your Faith and deepen your trust in Life.

Word of the Week to help focus you and keeping you connected to your True Self.

Weekly dates with yourself to expand your capacity for Wonder, Awe and Joy.

Rituals to weave into your daily life, making the everyday become sacred.

Book and podcast list of spiritual offerings.

Spotify prayer music playlist.


How much does it cost?


Membership Fee for 2022/23

Earlybird fee is £250 for the 6 month programme (if you sign up and pay in full by 18th July 2022).

Full membership fee is £300 for the 6 month programme (you can join our community at any time during the 6 month programme).



There will be supported and free places made available for those who genuinely can not afford to pay the full fee.  Please email: for details.


Next Online Live Session Dates 2022/23

Times (UK GMT) 10.30am – 12.00pm

4th September – Redefining Prayer & Faith

2nd October – Forgiveness & Mercy

6th November – Gratitude, Grace & Joy


4th December – Darkness & Light

8th January – Love & Service

12th February – Spirit Led Living


Mid-Month Check ins 2022/23

Times (UK GMT) 6.00pm – 7.30pm

14th September – Redefining Prayer & Faith

19th October – Forgiveness & Mercy

16th November – Gratitude, Grace & Joy

21st December – Darkness & Light

18th January – Love & Service

22nd February – Spirit Led Living

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