Deepening into Life An online gym for the Soul Dive in Supporting people to develop and/or strengthen the spiritual foundations for their life.

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My name is Donna Lancaster and thank you for your interest in my online programme called

It is my belief that so many people are struggling with a form of ‘Soul sickness’, whereby they are literally sick and tired of the shallow, addictive and meaningless dimensions to modern living and instead are yearning to develop a deeper, slower and more meaningful (re)connection with their own Soul.

Many people have rejected traditional forms of religion and god but in doing so have also inadvertently lost connection with their spiritual life – the rituals, practices, values, community and spiritual teachings required to live a wholehearted, joyful and peace filled life.

With this programme it is my intention to offer an alternative approach to a life of radical Faith and the fundamentals for living your life, rooted in grounded spirituality. I’ve described it playfully as ‘an online gym for the Soul’ because just like with any gym when we start out, we need guidance, support and consistent practices to build and sustain our Spiritual muscles.

So if you’re curious about what’s on offer here, I invite you to explore this website and if you find it calls to you, then I hope that you will trust that calling and join our online community to begin your inner ‘work out’ with us.


The next 6 month Deepening into Life programme will begin on the 4th September 2022

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Next Online Live Session Dates 2022/23

Times (UK GMT) 10.30am – 12.00pm

4th September – Redefining Prayer & Faith

2nd October – Forgiveness & Mercy

6th November – Gratitude, Grace & Joy


4th December – Darkness & Light

8th January – Love & Service

12th February – Spirit Led Living


Mid-Month Check ins 2022/23

Times (UK GMT) 6.00pm – 7.30pm

14th September – Redefining Prayer & Faith

19th October – Forgiveness & Mercy

16th November – Gratitude, Grace & Joy

21st December – Darkness & Light

18th January – Love & Service

22nd February – Spirit Led Living

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Here we will separate religion and traditional beliefs about 'God' from Spirituality. We will explore the crucial role of prayer in our every day lives and what it takes to live a 'prayerful life' - Living your life as one long form of prayer. We will explore different forms of praying throughout this month to find the one that best supports you to open up or strengthen your connection with the Divine. You will learn how prayer teaches us to surrender to Life with humility and to develop a true and deep Faith in all that is and will ever be.
“Follow your soul, it knows the way...” 6
Time to explore the role of the contentious ‘F’ word in living an awakened and peaceful life. Beyond ego we will be asking ourselves -why is forgiveness for ourselves and others so important? How does it link to Spirituality? How do we learn to forgive the ‘unforgivable’? What does it cost us not to forgive – both personally and globally? Also exploring here the role that mercy and compassion play within forgiveness and living an awakened life.
This final session will focus on pulling together all we have learned and gained along the way. It will be about integration and how to continue your path of living an awakened life, keeping your Spiritual muscles toned! This will include commitments and vows for, and to your life. How to hold yourself lovingly and firmly accountable. How you will continue to Love and Serve in the world in practical ways.
Time to explore our understanding of Love in all of its rich and abundant dimensions. We will separate and define the differences from attachment, familial and relational love, with a clear direction back to Divine Love. You will be working with Love as fuel for your life and work. Finding out how to live, breathe and embody Love and to ultimately fall deeper in Love with Life itself. Understanding the crucial role of service within an awakened life and how to offer this from a place of abundance rather than deficit. You will be guided through your prayers as to how to healthily serve in the world and ‘be the change’.
Here we will be building upon gratitude practices towards living with gratefulness at your very core. Fuelled by Love. Exploring Gratitude as a key ingredient for cultivating more Joy in yours and others lives. Defining Grace and recognising its pivotal role within your entire life's journey. Learning how you can consciously live and love within a field of Grace.
Prayer &
During this month we will be ‘shadow chasing’ and getting real about the role of the shadow on a spiritual path. Daring to acknowledge and look more closely at the ‘messy and ugly’ aspects of our human nature in order to own and integrate them. We will work on the ego, clarifying what it is and how it operates, becoming more sneaky as we awaken. Shining our light of awareness on it all.
& Joy
Deepening into Life is an online community programme held over 6 months. It includes a series of themed practices and can be undertaken at the time and pace that is right for you. Click a topic for a brief summary. Themed
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