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My name is Donna Lancaster and thank you for your interest in my online gym for the Soul.

It is my belief that so many people are struggling with a form of ‘Soul sickness’, whereby they are literally sick and tired of the shallow, addictive and meaningless dimensions to modern living and instead are yearning to develop a deeper, slower and more meaningful (re)connection with their own Soul.

Many people have rejected traditional forms of religion and god but in doing so have also inadvertently lost connection with their spiritual life – the rituals, practices, values, community and spiritual teachings required to live a wholehearted, joyful and peace filled life.

With the events, workshops and 1:1s it is my intention to offer an alternative approach to a life of radical Faith and the fundamentals for living your life, rooted in grounded spirituality. I’ve described it playfully as ‘an online gym for the Soul’ because just like with any gym when we start out, we need guidance, support and consistent practices to build and sustain our Spiritual muscles.

So if you’re curious about what’s on offer here, I invite you to explore this website and if you find it calls to you, then I hope that you will trust that calling and joining us to begin your inner ‘work out’.

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Events & Workshops

At Deepening into Life we run events, workshops and experiences throughout the year to support, maintain and boost your growth and journey. If you have any questions about this workshop, please email us at

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Becoming an Elder
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The Bridge

Every single one of us is living with the aftershocks of heartbreak. Whether it’s the sting of not fitting in at school or the pain of witnessing our parents’ divorce, the end of our own marriage or the death of a loved one, to be human is to bear the wounds of all our losses and setbacks.

This book is for anyone who is experiencing pain, heartbreak, sadness or overwhelming emotion, and can’t seem to get beyond it. All of us want to be able to live with more compassion, The Bridge will help us get there.

Published by Penguin Life

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About the Author

Donna Lancaster has worked as a coach and therapist for more than 30 years. She was formerly, Head of Teaching for the Hoffman Process working with the Hoffman Institute UK and went on to co-create the renowned ‘The Bridge Retreat’, a six-day personal development experience.

Donna’s work was featured in the documentary called 
Love(d) which shares the stories of 12 people during The Bridge Retreat as they take the leap to overcome grief and loss in their lives. You can watch the documentary for free via

Read more about Donna and The Bridge Book here.