Life Transitions Moving on Up - 1 day workshop.


Transition – a definition:

the process of changing from one state of being to another.


Over the course of our lives as women, we will face many necessary transitions and the related periods of growth that accompany them. Moving from young adults to mature adulthood, from menstruation through to menopause, single to partnered, married to divorced, career to retirement. Many women will face the additional joys and challenges of pregnancy and motherhood, parenting through to empty nesting. Others however will find their life unfolds in a different direction. All of us (if we are lucky to be here long enough), will face the inevitable and natural process of ageing with all the inner and outer transformations this can bring. Change is inevitable.


During this one-day workshop, Donna and Frederique will guide you through a series of experiences to support you in navigating the transitions that you are currently facing with dignity and grace.

You will leave this day with the resources you need to navigate all future life transitions and with a newfound sense of excitement and possibility about the next adventure of your life that is unfolding.


The workshop will include:

The Heroine’s Journey – what Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz can teach youabout Life and self-empowerment.

How to grieve and honour your past, taking the gifts it offers you, whilst leaving behind what no longer serves you.

Learning how to navigate life’s endings and beginnings with Grace and Dignity, remembering how with every death, there is always a rebirth.

Exploring the essential ‘not knowing’ phase and the ways to surrender to it.

Rituals to support you in crossing the different thresholds of your life, as youtransition from one phase to another.

Shifting from ego to Soul led living.

Staying present whilst also looking forward with curiosity, excitement, possibility and hope.

(Re)learning how to let Life Love you.


Come join us!

Date & Timings
Sunday 8th September 2024
Arrival from 9.30am, with completion by 4.30pm.

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

£175pp (Inc VAT)
(Session fees are non-refundable)


Terms & Conditions


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The cost is £175.00 per person Incl. VAT. Session fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

All travel and meals required are not included in the fee.

Payment is by bank transfer (PayPal is also available on request although this may involve an additional charge)


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