Naked 2 Day Experience


NAKED – A Journey back to Love

What is Naked? 

6 women working together deeply within a circle for 2 days. A deep dive into Truth. 

Naked will offer a space to press pause on your everyday life so that you can clear away the inner debris and quieten the noise. It’s about daring to return to the fundamental truth of who you really are. Beyond conditioning, beyond societal and cultural norms, beyond family expectations, beyond internalised misogyny, beyond heart break. Beyond…


Over the 2 days, each woman will be invited into the circle one by one to be safely held in deep Love. Donna Lancaster will be your guide and all the participants in the circle will be your sisters along the path. Here you will be seen, heard, and understood. Here there will be nowhere to hide. Here you will be lovingly challenged. Here you will belong. 

Donna may offer you words, ask some questions or sit with you in silence, she may use sounds or song, safe loving touch, eyes and heart in communion, supporting you with emotional release and grief emergence; whatever is necessary until you experience a deep knowing of what it is to be you. 

None or all the above are possible. It’s a pure, unplanned, divinely orchestrated journey within.

This experience will require courage, daring, risk, fear, falling, vulnerability and surrender. You are being invited to let go of the illusion of control and become completely naked. No more masks, no more pretence, no more lies or egoic bullshit, a sharing of your shadow, an owning of your power and a true opening of your broken heart. You will remember that which you never really forgot…

Who is it for?

This work is for the truth tellers, the recovering perfectionists, the witches, the exhausted warriors, the seekers, the leaders, goddesses, mothers, healers and elders amongst you. It is for everyone who is finally ready to break free from the patriarchal chains and learn how to breathe, swim and dance under water. It is for everyone who is ready to live naked.

What will it include?

  • Each person will step into the circle 1 by 1 and work with any blocks they still carry, any lies they still live, uncovering layer by layer until we get to the raw truth of all that they truly are. Even a glimpse of this truth is more than enough for major life transformation.
  • • Witnessing each person as they are in the circle, holding space and recognising that their story is also your own, their emotions yours too. As they cry, so do you. As they heal, so will you. We come one.
  • • Movement sessions to unblock and embody the healing process.
  • • Rituals for cleansing, opening, healing, connection and magic.
  • • Guided meditation to open the heart, relax and ground.
  • 2 x online group sessions for integration and post workshop support.
  •  Optional – Book a 1:1 online follow up session with Donna for integration. (Additional Fee required)

There are no set intentions, agenda or outcomes offered, simply a profound journey back to the truth of who you really are. A Soul adventure. A Heroine’s Home coming.

Will I have to get naked?!

Only emotionally. If you let it, your Soul will emerge here and the only language it speaks is naked truth.

This experiential workshop will be facilitated by Intuitive Coach, Writer and Founder of Deepening into Life, an online Spiritual community – Donna Lancaster. This experience is open to all but please only book if you are truly committed to moving beyond your comfort zone as part of your healing journey.

Where & When?

*** NEW Dates to be Announced soon. ***
Women only

The Koorana Centre
Street Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 6UB

Timings approximately 9.30am – 5.30pm (please allow half an hour extra at the end of each day in case we run over)


The cost is £1,550 Per person Incl. VAT.

(All travel, meals and any accommodation required are not included)

You can either pay in full upon booking or alternatively pay a non refundable deposit of £450 to hold your place, with the final balance due by no later than 4 weeks before the event date as shown above.

Please note the price for this experience reflects the intimacy of the group size so that Donna can work deeply with each person individually in the circle, alongside them being witnessed and held within the safe container of a small group of individuals.

Payments in instalments will be considered in certain circumstances, please email us here to enquire.

Please remember to check your junk email for replies as sometimes they sneak in there!


Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to all participants choosing to attend and participate in the 2 day non residential experience titled ‘Naked’, as facilitated by Donna Lancaster.

Please ensure you read these T&Cs carefully and understand them in full:


Payment & Cancellations

The cost is £1,550 per person. Incl. VAT.

(All travel, meals and any accommodation required are not included)

You can either pay in full upon booking or alternatively pay a non refundable deposit of £450 to hold your place, with the final balance due by no later than 4 weeks before the event date as shown above.

Payment is by bank transfer (PayPal is also available on request although this may involve an additional charge)


Cancellation Charges
4 weeks and above, prior to the workshop date = £450 deposit only, 4 weeks and below, prior to the workshop date = 100% of full payment.
If for any reason you need to cancel your place please email


Cancellation or postponement on our part
If for any reason we need to postpone this event, we will rearrange the dates with advance notice provided. If we do not achieve the minimum number required to proceed, we will also rearrange the dates with advance notice provided. In both of these situations there will also be an option of a full refund of your fees paid. Our sole liability in relation to any cancellation or postponement shall be limited to the price paid by you for the workshop and we shall not be liable under any circumstances for any consequential losses.


Liability & Disclaimer
The workshop ‘Naked’ is offered as a personal/spiritual development/wellness opportunity and does not intend to provide nor offer therapeutic, medical or other professional advice. The information and resources provided are made available to you as tools to support your own wellbeing. We do not and cannot guarantee any particular outcomes/results from participation in this workshop. The programme facilitators/session leaders are not psychologists/psychotherapists or psychiatrists and the content does not replace any medical, therapeutic or psychiatric services that might be required.


Safety & Wellbeing
This workshop is not suitable for anyone who has been diagnosed with, or is experiencing, severe mental health issues including (but not exclusively), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and dissociative disorders, and is under the care of a psychiatrist and/or psychologist.


Neither is the workshop suitable for anyone who has recently experienced suicidal thoughts and/or attempted to take their own life. It is also not suitable for those who have complex ptsd and severe trauma related conditions which might lead to overwhelm and/or panic attacks in a group setting. Unfortunately all of these conditions are beyond the scope of a group experience such as this one offered. If you are unsure if this workshop is right for you, please feel free to email us on


On commencement of the workshop if it is deemed in your best interests and /or the interests and safety of the group, we have the right to ask you to leave prior to completing the 2 day workshop. In this instance a partial/full fee will be refunded.


Conduct obligations
All workshop participants will be required to conduct themselves in a respectful and inclusive manner when communicating with other group members and programme facilitators. Members are required to maintain confidentiality both during and after the workshop, including not sharing details about others to third parties. If any participant is deemed to be disruptive, inappropriate or abusive in anyway during the workshop, the workshop leaders, have the right to ask you to leave without any refund being provided. You must comply at all times with the health and safety policy of the venue.


Intellectual property
All material is for your personal use only and is not to be shared with others or used/reproduced or adapted in any way for your own workshop/event/coaching/therapy.


Travel, accommodation and refreshments
You shall be responsible for making and paying for your own travel, accommodation and all meals throughout the duration of the workshop. Light refreshments tea, water etc will be provided at the venue. If you are delayed and late to arrive at the workshop, or prevented from attending due to travel delays or any other circumstances, we shall not be obliged to provide you with a refund or wait to start the workshop until you arrive.


Disability/medical conditions
If you have any disability or medical condition that requires special arrangements, please email us at as soon as possible and at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the Workshop.


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
By registering and paying for this workshop ‘Naked’, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions as set out above.

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