One Day
Relationship Workshops
with Donna Lancaster


Most of us face relationship struggles at some point and often feel confused as to how best to deal with them. Maybe it’s through falling out with a friend or family member, arguing yet again with your partner or struggling to get on well with a new boss or work colleagues. Whichever relationship we might struggle with, we can often find ourselves caught up repeating the same old negative cycles over and again.  So, the big question is how do we free ourselves from this and learn to do things differently, so that we can build the kind of relationships we really want?

These 2 x 1 day workshops are designed to support you to understand why you might struggle with certain relationships and how to connect in new healthier ways. The workshops are broken down into two parts, held over two days. Part One is designed for anyone wanting to enhance all aspects of their relating and develop their ability to enjoy life in relationship with others – whether that’s with family, friends, work colleagues or in intimate life. Part Two is for those people who wish to explore how relationships offer the opportunity to heal from our negative pasts and deepen into more loving connections and a better understanding of ourselves. This workshop views our relationships as spiritual growth opportunities and moves us beyond ego stories into conscious relating.

Each workshop is a stand-alone offering, or both can be attended for the maximum benefit.

Join Relationship Coach & Author, Donna Lancaster for these 2 x 1-day workshops. Donna has extensive knowledge and experience from working therapeutically with individuals, couples, and families for the last 32 years. She is a qualified Social Worker and Coach and trained in Imago Relationship Therapy. Donna ran a private practice in London, working with individuals and couples for almost 10 years. She has put together two accessible workshops to teach you the tools and techniques that will support you to understand and grow in all your relationships. Donna draws on The Bridge model for healing, as well as the teachings of renowned psychotherapist David Richo, Psychologists and relationship experts, John and Julie Gottman and Dr. Harville Hendrix, co-creator of Imago Relationship Therapy.

These workshops are suitable for anyone interested in improving their relationships, including the most important one, with themselves.

Everyone is welcome…

Building Healthier Relationships – Part One
Sunday 3oth July, 2023

  • • The Story of Relationships – exploring the different stages and how to navigate each phase. 
  • • Core wounds and unmet needs – understanding how our unmet needs from childhood lead to core wounds and beliefs that can sabotage our adult relationships.
  • • Communication skills – learning how to healthily express your needs and to listen and be heard.
  • • Working with energy – exploring the role and impact of differing energies within individuals.
  • • Boundaries – learning how to set and hold healthy boundaries.
  • • Key ingredients for happier and healthier relationships

Healing Through Relationships – Part Two
Saturday 26th August, 2023

  • • Integration of the wounded child and wise adult aspects of self– supporting each other to heal.
  • • Triggers and transference – moving from reactivity to response with your loved ones.
  • • Divine feminine and masculine energy – finding the balance within.
  • • True intimacy – learning how to both give and receive love.
  • • Vulnerability and truth as the healing balm.
  • • Relationship as a spiritual practice – connecting on a deeper level with self and others.

Both workshops will be held at

Om Nom
116N Upper Street
Islington Square
London. N11QP

Both events will start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm.


  • • Early bird = £125 per workshop if paid in full by 31/05/23 (incl.VAT)*
  • • Early bird for both workshops = £250 if paid in full by 31/05/23 (incl.VAT).*

Early bird offers apply if payment is received in full by publicised date.

  • •  Full fee (after Early bird expires) = £150 per workshop/£300 for both

To book your place(s) please email us here.

* Discounted places will be made available for those facing genuine financial challenges, please feel free to email to enquire.

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“Within twenty minutes of Donna’s Relationship workshop I was spun into awareness seemingly without a choice. I left with a sense of understanding and promise. I would recommend it to literally everyone.”

Jordan Stephens – Musician, Actor & Writer.