The Grief Space A one day workshop to understand, access and safely release grief

Every single one of us is living with the aftershocks of heartbreak in some form. Whether it’s a deep hurt from being bullied at school, the pain of a difficult childhood, witnessing our parents’ divorce, the end of our own marriage or the death of a loved one. To be human is to bear the wounds of all our losses and to carry within us the related feelings of grief.

Grieving is not something we are generally taught how to do, so instead many of us hold it all in and life can become heavy and tough. Carrying all that unprocessed pain inside drains us of our life force, our hope and our joy. We of course do our very best. Trying to cope, trying to numb the pain, trying to move on. Trying. 

But there is another way…

Donna Lancaster has been working with people to support them to grieve for decades, recognising the need for safe spaces to do this ‘grief work’. These community experiences allow people to begin to access and safely release their internal grief which might be holding them back.

This one day workshop will empower you with the tools to safely access and release pent up emotions including sadness, fear and anger. This workshop has a particular focus on bereavement, be that through a loss of a partner, parent, siblings, friend, close family members, children, miscarriages or terminations.

The workshop will include:

  • Understanding the human experience of loss and the natural emotional reaction of grief.
  • Exploring the impact of blocked grief on our holistic health and well-being.
  • An opportunity to share your story of loss and heartbreak and to be safely witnessed and heard.
  • Working with the body on a somatic level to safely access and release blocked emotions.
  • Sacred rituals to support and enhance the healing process.

Following this collective experience of grieving, you will leave carrying your loss a little more lightly into the world, with a sense of clarity, connection and deeper peace.


We are wounded in community and we must heal in community.

Sobonfu Somé


Where & When

Saturday 23rd November 2024

Times 9.30am – 4.30pm

Haywards Heath, West Sussex


The workshop price is £175 pp incl VAT.

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