An Inner Workout for your Soul Deepening into Life


Deepening into Life is an in person community programme to be held over 6 sessions to support people in developing or strengthening the spiritual foundations for their life. It includes a series of daily, weekly and monthly practices to allow people to return to the truth of who they really are. These can all be undertaken at the time and pace that is right for you.

The 6 sessions are as follows:

Redefining Prayer & Faith – 28th October

Forgiveness & Mercy – 12th November

Gratitude, Grace & Joy – 2nd December

Embracing Darkness & Light – 16th December

Love & Service – 6th January

Spirit Led Living – 28th January


Venue & Times

The Koorana Centre
(a.k.a The Simon Wellbeing Centre)


West Sussex

9.30am – 1.30pm


I’ve playfully described this programme as ‘an Inner Workout for your Soul’ because just like with any workout, we need guidance, support and consistent practices to develop our body’s strength and reach our full potential.

This programme will provide you with all that you need to resist egos gravity and build and sustain your Spiritual muscles so that you can lead a life filled with true Faith, Love and Service and the subsequent Peace that this brings.

Why is it important to build our spiritual foundations?

Now more than ever people are feeling a need for a deeper and more meaningful connection to Life. The old distractions and shallow ‘quick fixes’ are no longer working (if they ever did). But with our busy lives and busy minds, we often don’t make our spiritual health a priority and feel clueless or overwhelmed as to where to begin…. so then we don’t. We are then left suffering with a kind of ‘Soul sickness’. A real and tangible sense of lack and emptiness inside which can manifest in forms of low mood, apathy, depression, anxiety, rage, hopelessness and despair, as well as many physical health issues. For just as we know we need to eat, sleep and exercise well to support our physical health, the same is true for our Spirit. We need regular practices and rituals to clear away the debris of modern living that can hinder our capacity to listen to and be guided by our own Wisdom.

“There must be better songs to sing than this…”

Rita’s mum in Educating Rita

It is my belief that the reason so many people are struggling is because they do not have the essential underpinnings of Trust and Faith in Life. As many have rejected the traditional forms of religion and god, they have also inadvertently lost the rituals, practices, values, community and spiritual teachings required to live an awakened, wholehearted, joyful and peace filled life.

With this programme it is my intention to offer an alternative approach from the traditional concepts of religion and god, towards supporting people to live a life of radical Faith with the fundamental resources required for this, rooted in grounded Spirituality.

Session Overview


REDEFINING PRAYER & FAITH: Here we will separate religion and traditional beliefs about ‘God’ from Spirituality. We will explore the crucial role of prayer in our every day lives and what it takes to live a ‘prayerful life’ – Living your life as one long form of prayer. We will explore different forms of praying throughout this month to find the one that best supports you to open up or strengthen your connection with the Divine. You will learn how prayer teaches us to surrender to Life with humility and to develop a true and deep Faith in all that is and will ever be.


FORGIVENESS & MERCY: Time to explore the role of the contentious ‘F’ word in living an awakened and peaceful life. Beyond ego we will be asking ourselves -why is forgiveness for ourselves and others so important? How does it link to Spirituality? How do we learn to forgive the ‘unforgivable’? What does it cost us not to forgive – both personally and globally? Also exploring here the role that mercy and compassion play within forgiveness and living an awakened life.


GRATITUDE, GRACE & JOY: Here we will be building upon gratitude practices towards living with gratefulness at your very core. Fuelled by Love. Exploring Gratitude as a key ingredient for cultivating more Joy in yours and others lives. Defining Grace and recognising its pivotal role within your entire life’s journey. Learning how you can consciously live and love within a field of Grace.


DARKNESS & LIGHT: During this month we will be ‘shadow chasing’ and getting real about the role of the shadow on a spiritual path. Daring to acknowledge and look more closely at the ‘messy and ugly’ aspects of our human nature in order to own and integrate them. We will work on the ego, clarifying what it is and how it operates, becoming more sneaky as we awaken. Shining our light of awareness on it all.


LOVE & SERVICE: Time to explore our understanding of Love in all of its rich and abundant dimensions. We will separate and define the differences from attachment, familial and relational love, with a clear direction back to Divine Love. You will be working with Love as fuel for your life and work. Finding out how to live, breathe and embody Love and to ultimately fall deeper in Love with Life itself. Understanding the crucial role of service within an awakened life and how to offer this from a place of abundance rather than deficit. You will be guided through your prayers as to how to healthily serve in the world and ‘be the change’.


SPIRIT LED LIVING: This final session will focus on pulling together all we have learned and gained along the way. It will be about integration and how to continue your path of living an awakened life, keeping your Spiritual muscles toned! This will include commitments and vows for, and to your life. How to hold yourself lovingly and firmly accountable. How you will continue to Love and Serve in the world in practical ways.


I do hope that if you read this and your Soul begins to soar, that you will invest in yourself and find a way to make it all happen and join me. Together we will deepen into life so that we can live more lightly!


In doing so, complete our ultimate mission

To Love and to Serve


Who is it for?

This programme is not for the faint hearted. It may challenge and open you in ways that might not sit comfortably with your ego. It is only for the courageous and vulnerable, the Changemakers, Truthtellers and Love Warriors amongst you that are ready to dive deep. It is not for the story of who you have been but for the Truth of who you are.

See if any or all of the below statements resonate with you:

You’re keen to develop or strengthen your own spiritual connection.

Curious and open to explore an alternative approach to living a life of Faith.

Yearning for ‘something more’ in your life and know that this ‘more’ will not be found outside of you.

Ready to move beyond the small story of ‘me’ into the larger story of ‘WE’.

You are already on a path of awakening.

Keen to live in Love & Service without sacrificing yourself.

You wish to develop your Faith and surrender to Life with all of its joys and wonders, heartbreaks and challenges.

Ready and committed to ‘be the change’ and willing to be guided on your spiritual path.

Committed to get really honest with yourself and out of your own way.

Inner Activists – you recognise that personal healing is also for the collective.

You work or want to work with people and are keen to introduce a spiritual dimension to this process.


I’m especially keen to work with people who are ready and willing to move beyond their ‘small story’ and step into the much bigger one. I would anticipate that you will have done some inner work already (although this is not essential).

How might it benefit me?


Reconnecting you to your own Soul and living from this true place.

To clarify the meaning and purpose of your life.

Moving you beyond the mind and down into your heart and Soul to find a deeper Truth.

Allow you to establish a meaningful connection to the ‘otherness’ of Life which some call the Divine.

Strengthening your ability to surrender to and trust in yourself, others and Life.

Developing radical Faith through consistent prayer practices and time and space for contemplation.

Supporting you to live with Love, kindness, compassion and tenderness at your core.

Connection with a community of like hearted Souls so that you feel less alone on this path of living an awakened life.

Becoming more playful and lighter, not taking life so seriously.

A deep reconnection to your own innocence, wonder and joy.

Establishing a rhythm to your life which guides and supports you regardless of external events.

Learning how to embody true Love.


Sessions can be booked individually at £130 per session or £750 for all 6 sessions. All prices are inclusive of VAT. All Session fees are ‘non refundable’.



There will be supported and free places made available for those who genuinely can not afford to pay the full fee.  Please email: for details.


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